Welcome to ibadanBUSINESS!


It is an online community of exclusive businesses in Ibadan that is committed to grow their businesses and dominate their market space through collaborative marketing and advertisement, quality goods and highly competitive pricing.

Ibadanbusiness.com is

  1. i. 2,000 bulk SMS adverts done monthly to attract people to this site
  2. ii. Radio advert to make the site better known
  3. iii.Social media advert of this site made to target clients in other national and international location.
  4. iv. 1500 stickers of ibadanbusiness.com distributed quarterly
  5. v. Regular calls to thank your customers for using your service/business on Ibadanbusiness.com
  6. vi. 2,000 flier monthly shared in special [key] areas


  1. i. Our clients sell and are committed to selling quality business products and services.
  2. ii. Are willing to work hard to satisfy the customer.
  3. iii.Offers real price advantage to their customers
  4. iv. Are prepared to handle more clients’ inflow
  5. v. Pursue to keep record of clients patronizing their business


    What DO customers expect when they do business with any business on IBADANBUSINESS.COM?

  1. i. They expect to get the Best prices
  2. ii. They expect to get the Best quality of goods
  3. iii.They desire Quality attention to meet your need
  4. iv. To be Followed up to know if they have been satisfied with the product/service they have bought
  5. v. They want to know that we are Committed to resolving any issue that might arise from doing business with us
  6. vi. That we deeply appreciate them for their patronage

How to BUY A SPACE the following details qualify you to using this site.

  • Are you a quality driven business?
  • Are your prices competitive?
  • Do you have the need for greater clients?

If Yes, then Call or send text to 0810 844 5279

  • Fees of N3,000 (Three Thousand naira) payable quarterly for access on the site.

After payment is made

  • Access pin will be sent to you
  • Log in through ‘MY ACCOUNT’ on the site
  • Upload your business details there


A product of InspLIFT group and KRIMB Nig Ltd
We are committed to your Market place success